"Tell me, my ssson, what is of the condition of the Realm?"
Ilnel asking Ulf

Map Hundish Realm

The Hundish Realm and the surrounding lands.

Sometimes called simply "the Realm," the Hundish Realm was comprised of the amalgamated lands of all the Mindhalders. It was made up of a total of thirty-three independent kingdoms controlled by the Diet of Säula and their Reikhalder.

The Realm had fluctuated in size and extent over the ages. It was perhaps as large as it had ever been around the time of the events of The Sword and Its Servant.


The Hundish Realm covered most of the known land in the Grauwelt as far west as the Weit, as far north as the Eschar kingdoms of Hinland and Gelmda, and as far east as the wilds of the Fremtland.


The Hundish Realm was governed by a legislative body known as the Diet of Säula, which was composed of all the Mindhalders, or lesser Löwa lords. This body would gather periodically to deliberate on issues that affected all the members and their lands jointly, namely famine, war, and other forms of crisis. 

The Realm was administered chiefly through its Reikhalder, a position inherited in a single unbroken line all the way back to the Great Hund himself. 


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