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The fictional world of Grauwelt is quite violent and features suggestive imagery and adult situations. The information contained in this and other Grauwelt-related websites is not suitable for all audiences.

This site contains numerous spoilers. You have been warned!

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"Fear not what can be sensed by eye or ear or hand... Have a heart to fear only those things that cannot be detected by mortal senses."


Featured Article

An example of the Löwa species with notably dark skin.

The Löwa were a canine-like species of creature native to the Grauwelt. They were a highly militaristic species that ruled a vast swath of land called the Hundish Realm.

The Löwa were created by the Great Hund, who used pieces of his own body to make them and use them against his mortal enemy Dietrich.

The Löwa are the chief antagonists in The Sword and Its Servant.


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